You are a dedicated Teacher of the Deaf. You spend countless hours modifying curriculum to fit the needs of your deaf and hard of hearing students. You are tired, overworked and wish you could find affordable resources that were designed specifically for deaf students by a Teacher of the Deaf.

I felt the same way just a few short years ago. I wanted resources that connected with my students who have been affected by language deprivation but still needed access to the curriculum. I also wanted resources that “spoke their languageASL. After all, my classroom should reflect my students and my students communicate using American Sign Language.

I’m Heather Burgen, creative designer of Mrs. Burgen’s Sign Me Up. I’m a veteran teacher, having spent more than 15 years working with deaf and hard hearing students. I have taught in public school SDC, Residential programs, and I currently consult with teachers all over my state who work with deaf and hard of hearing students.

I have spent my teaching career modifying the curriculum to fit the language levels and learning needs of my deaf and hard of hearing students. I have been there, and the struggle is real! I decided to put my experience and expertise to work.

I create resources specifically designed for deaf students giving hardworking teachers of the deaf more time to do what they love…. TEACH!

I adapt curriculum and add ASL elements for students so you don’t have to!