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How I can help you

Display ASL Visuals in your classroom that reflect both languages of your students and provide learning tools for your students to use daily.                                                       


These  ASL interactive books are a favorite for emerging readers. Get your students interested in reading,  while learning new vocabulary and practicing concepts of print.


Learn more than 300 essential sight words in both ASL and English.  This section includes multiple resources  to learn, practice and reinforce sight words.


Hi, I'm Heather

I create resources specifically designed for deaf students giving hardworking teachers of the deaf more time to do what they love…. TEACH

I adapt curriculum and add ASL elements for students so you don’t have to!

You’re in the right place if:

  • are searching for resources for your deaf and hard of hearing elementary students
  • You are tired of adapting curriculum to try to make it fit your bilingual ASL and English using students
  • You are ready to engage your students with activities that were designed specifically for their unique learning needs.

What teachers are saying about Mrs. Burgen's resources

ASL Vocabulary Boom Card Bundle

“I teach at a school for the Deaf. My students absolutely love this resource. It worked well with online learning. I highly recommend this for primary students who are Deaf or junior students who are learning ASL as a second language.”


“This has been a great resource for my D/HH kiddos to practice their ASL vocabulary at home with their families. We practice as a small group and then they play on their own time to reinforce what we have learned.”


ASL Sight Word Ultimate Bundle

“Ok, so I am “fan girling” over Mrs. Burgen. If you have the funds (or your district has the funds) I HIGHLY recommend this (or any) resource! My students love it! It makes learning vocabulary much more fun. Other teachers love that they can learn when they come into my room and words are paired with the sign. My students are constantly surprised and excited every week when they see that one of the characters has a cochlear implant or hearing aid. It melts my heart! In addition to learning, this resource normalizes Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals and makes my students feel more accepted”



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