I taught a combination Kindergarten/First grade class.  All of my students are deaf or hard of hearing and use either speech, American Sign Language or some combination of both to communicate. We have so much fun!

Here are pictures of my classroom at the beginning of 2011 school year.  This is of course, before the students came in. I love to make my classroom bright and colorful.  It is a fun place to come into each day and the bright colors help me to feel happy at o’dark-thirty in the morning 🙂

I purchased fabric last year to use as my background, so these colors stayed up as the background all year long.  It was very nice to not have to deal with paper and changing backgrounds constantly. 

And, yes that clock says 10 o’clock, I’m pretty sure that is 10 p.m. Sigh, there is just not enough time to get everything ready!

The following pictures were taken at the end of the year.  As you can see it got MUCH BUSIER!  We had just completed our zoo unit and were reviewing the Alphabet and showing off our word building skills.

Here you can also see our cool jungle tree.  Students were able to add leaves after reading at home.  Each leaf has the name of the student and the title of the book they read at home.  It was excellent motivation to read outside of the classroom!  The kids were always excited to show me their leaf when they came into class in the mornings.
This is photo of our writing center, there are many kinds of paper to choose from. At this time we were also using the words and pictures in the pocket chart from a recent story to make our own cool sentences about animals we saw at the zoo.
We loved writing about the animals and we used this board to help us remember how to spell each of the animal’s names.  The students couldn’t wait to write more sentences about the animals!

Last year was a really fun year!  I had a really fun group of students that taught ME so much!  (It always feels that way!)  
Now on to a new year!!!!  I have one week until teachers officially report back to school and due to having the carpets deep cleaned this summer, my classroom currently looks like this!  

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