Adding a Little ASL to my Classroom

Well, I’m not going to lie.  Back to school this year has officially kicked my hiney!   WOW I am tired!  I finally have a few moments of non-scheduled time to write this post.   
 As most of my readers know, I teach deaf and hard of hearing students.  If you would have looked at my classroom in the past, there would have been very few observable traits that would have let you know this. Over the past few years I have searched high and low for classroom decor that used sign language.  Aside from the alphabet, I have found next to nothing to choose from.
What is a teacher- blogger to do??  I made my own!  AAAaaaand  here it is!  I think it turned out great!!!! I would love to hear what you think!

American Sign Language Alphabet

American Sign Language Calendar

American Sign Language question words

American Sign Language numbers

American Sign Language Colors

A view of the room looking out towards the door. 

Classroom decor, back to school, American Sign Language, banners
Just little sneak peek at my current  Obsession with banners around my room!
I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek!  I love it.  My students are so excited to see the ASL signs up on the wall.  It  has definitely made the room more relevant to them.  They frequently get up to go check a sign on a poster and share it with a friend or tell me about what they see.  

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  1. These are FANTASTIC! I'm an ASL teacher and for the first time I'll be teaching the littles once a week. I was looking for ideas for decorating my classroom and I love yours! Thank you for posting!

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