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I just returned from my trip to Vegas for the TPT conference.  I met SO MANY AMAZING people.  It was so great to meet the “faces behind the blogs”.  I was thrilled to meet some of the

TPT Celebrities.
Paul (the founder of TPT) 
and two of his amazing staffers.
Greg and “the Mister” from 
These teachers among many others, are VERY successful TPT sellers and bloggers.  They have THOUSANDS of followers and are well known in the teaching community.  
And of course the beautiful and talented Deanna Jump from Mrs. Jump’s Class who is 
It was fantastic to be in the same room with these bloggers.  I learned so much from their sessions and just from chatting casually together…. but that is for another post… 🙂 
I also met many other TPTers at every stage of their journeys. 
 Many were just starting out and wondering where to start.  I found myself answering many questions and being able to share what I have learned in the past year as new blogger. After a conversation with a friend today, I decided to share what I know here.
Its hard to say where to begin, and I think the journey is different for everyone.  I just wanted to share some of the things that helped me, some of my favorite clip artists, and just some tips and tricks.


Charity Preston is AHHH—mazing!!!! In this online, self-paced tutorial, Charity walks you through step by step how to do EVERYTHING connected to selling products online.  Her videos are easy to follow, even for a complete technology newbie ( like  I was).  
You pay for a one year subscription and you get access to ALL the  tutorial videos plus access to exclusive chatrooms and forums.  
Unless you are a techy genius and and a social media pro, I would consider Charity’s TBTS a must have for a newbie!  


Megan Favre from
who designed my blog for me.
A Bird in Hand Designs

She was easy to work with and her designs are AMAZING!  I think she did a FABULOUS job on my blog, don’t you?  And, most of all, she is affordable. 
I chose the build your blog option.  It costs $40 although, I think I added a couple things so maybe it was a bit more, I don’t really remember. 
There are many blog builders out there and I really recommend looking at Megan’s Web page and checking out her designs.   You could sign up for a custom blog as well, but as a beginner, I didn’t feel that I needed that (or had earned enough money yet to be able to pay for it). 
 Also, just a little tip, if you are scrolling around on other blogs and you see a blog you love, scroll to the VERY bottom of the page.  You will find the name of the blog designer way down there at the very bottom. 

Creating Quality Products

Most product creators ( I have learned) use powerpoint to create their products.  I use a MAC and pages to create my products.  It is up to you, but those are the most popular for sure. 
Clip Art and Fonts
Okay, this is my favorite section.  I am going to share my FAVORITE clip artists.  There are THOUSANDS of clip artists to choose from, so this list is just a small snippet of what’s available.  I buy all my clip art from TPT.  I enjoy supporting other teachers and I like to earn the TPT credits by giving feedback, so that I can buy more products….. I may or may not be a clip art hoarder…..but….. well… moving on…. here they are, in no particular order.
Away with the Pixels
Ashley Hughes
Glitter Meets Glue
Hello Fonts
Graphics From The Pond

Are you ready to get started?  Do you have a name for your business?  Once you figure out your business name, just jump in!  Open a ,  FaceBook PageInstagramPinterest (I recommend starting a business page specifically designed for your school related pins), Twittergoogle +, and of course a  TPT store.

I hope this post is helpful for anyone starting out.  Please feel free to comment with any questions you have.

If you are already a TPT seller and you have anything to add please feel free to add comments. Who are your favorite clip artists?   What programs do you use? What tips and tricks would you suggest for a newbie?

Thanks for Signing Up

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  1. It was so nice to meet you in Vegas!! 🙂 What a great post for those who are getting started too!! Love your clip art artists you featured!! My favorite is Krista Wallden though!! Creative Clips is amazing!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

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