Deaf Awareness Week

Deaf Awareness Week!


We did some celebrating this week.  It is Deaf Awareness week.  So I wanted to take a moment to celebrate Deaf Kids and Deaf Role Models.  My theme for the week was, What Can a Deaf Kid Do?

Deaf Role Model #1

Who is Sean Forbes?  He is a Deaf Rapper… What?  Yes I said a Deaf Rapper.  He is pretty AMAZING too!  Click on his name above to check out some of his videos. My students LOVE him and I love seeing them get up out of their seats and copy his signs and dance.

What can a deaf kid do?  
He can dance, he can sing, he can ………….
 Deaf Role Model #2
Matt Hamill is  Deaf Wrestler.  He recently had a movie made about his life.  The movie is truly inspiring and a beautiful testament of trial and perseverance and working hard to achieve your goals.  I watched this movie with my students this week (with a few mature audience edits ;)) I can’t tell you how wonderful it was for them to see people on the screen signing and wearing hearing aids.  They don’t get to see role models on the screen as often as we would like.  If you haven’t seen it,  I HIGHLY recommend it!  
It is available on Netflix currently or out on DVD. 
What can a Deaf Kid do?
He can go to college and be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  
Check out his college records HERE .
He can win. 
UFC 12-5-0 (W-L-D)
Deaf Role Model #3 
Sheena McFeely and her entire family.
 Sheena McFeely is Mom to her Deaf family and the creator of ASL NOOK.
Sheena regularly uploads videos to her youtube channel with her adorable family.   My students have never met or seen a deaf family and regularly ask me questions about why all the kids AND the parents know how to sign.  It is both heartbreaking and eye-opening.  
We love this family!  
What can a deaf kid do?
She can grow up to be an amazing parent that reaches out to help other parents of deaf children be successful communicators with their children.  
Deaf Role Model #4 
You will recognize Sean Berdy from Switched At Birth.   I actually met him when he was in the 6th grade when I student taught at California School for the Deaf in Riverside.  He was a super cute kid then, and my students and I have following his progress as an actor  ever since.  Sean has worked hard to be where he is today!  I love that my students can see deaf actors.  
What can a deaf kid do?
A deaf kid an work hard to achieve his dreams.
Deaf Role Model #5
Chelsea is  personal friend of mine.  She grew up in a rural area in South Dakota and went on to be Miss Deaf America. She’s not really the “princess type” but stepped outside her box to become a role model for young deaf girls around the nation!
What can a deaf kid do?
She can be an inspiration to other deaf kids.
So, in celebration of Deaf Awareness Week we ask the important question: 
What can a deaf kid do?

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  1. I love it Heather and did not realize that those people were deaf and role models at that for the kids in our community. Keep up the great work on the blog. I love to read it every now and then when I am missing my little man Joshua!

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