Five for Friday, Duck Tape madness, Amazing kids, and a FREEBIE


I am thinking that this post may turn out to be 50 for Friday, but I will try my best to narrow it down.

First of all,  I am obsessed with duck tape! I can’t stop making things with it!

 I started with these book boxes.  I have had these book boxes for 8 years!  They are cardboard and were look extremely ratty.  I had planned to buy some new plastic boxes this year but as it turns out, that was not in my budget. :-). So, I improvised.  I thought they turned out pretty cute and they match my Jungle Theme classroom perfectly. I have added a splash of  green tape on the front with each student’s name

While I was making those, I tuned in to Kristen’s Kindergarten. Click on the link to see her tutorial on how she made her science journals.  Well, this gave me a GREAT IDEA, and a trip back to the store for more duck tape.
 I ordered these boring composition books to use for our science journals.  I really wanted to dress them up, so I used Kristen’s idea and dressed up the books a little. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.  What do you think?

 The students were able to choose leopard or zebra print duck tape. I gave each student a piece of cardstock and a few graphics to cut out. They are SO EXCITED to get these out during science time!  Yeah!
 Just a little shout out to a first grade artist.  This is a self portrait of one of my first graders drawing himself jumping over a fence.  One of our words this week was ‘jump’  and the boy in our focus story jumped over a fence
The finished product. 🙂
I searched and searched teachers pay teachers for book labels  that matched my book collection and my classroom décor, but I just did not find what I was looking for so, I made my own. 
You can download them for FREE HERE
This is the first year using book labels. (I used to have them categorized only by level)  I have been giving my students a set of books that fit into two categories and having them sort.  It has been a great activity for them! 
We are lucky enough at our school to have Sensory Room.  This room is full of fun ways to help some of our students with various sensory issues get the feedback they need to calm themselves and be ready for learning.  By far, our favorite place to play engage our sensory system,  is the ball pit!  Today, we hid lit eggs in the balls and took turns diving for them.  Then of  course we got right back to work 😉

Well, that is the ‘narrowed down’ version of my week. How was your week?

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