FIve Resolutions For Friday

Five Resolutions for Friday
A little look back, and a little look forward
I typically use this blog for mostly teacher-related items, but this week I wanted to make it a little more personal.  
I decided that after 20 years of not going home during the holidays, I would make the trek.   I live in Idaho but I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada.  I typically choose to go home during the summer.
First of all, -20 (and that was warm)
Behind me in this first picture is a car! Yes, an entire car under the snow!

It is beautiful though, as long as you’re on the inside looking out. 
 On the positive side, I got to visit with my friends and family.  My friend Jen and her husband are teachers too.  We had fun catching up and telling teacher tales.

 My mom is seriously camera shy, but I was happy to get this great picture of her and my Grandma.

I left this guy at home, but I came home to a happy reunion and a yummy Brazilian New Years Eve dinner. 
And now for a look to the future. 
At the end of 2012, I embarked on an adventure called CrossFit. I set goals, some to be achieved and some still yet to come. 
 I think that sometimes it is easy to focus on the goals we have NOT achieved. As I started thinking about some of the improvements I had not made, I realized that there are many more that I HAVE achieved. NOTE: If you are not a CrossFitter, these are not going to make sense, but these accomplishments are absolutely something to be proud of.  
In 2013 I achieved the following
 ( I also developed an entirely new vocabulary)
  1. double unders
  2. kipping pull-ups
  3. snatches, clean and jerks, back squats, front squats, overhead squats and deadlifts
  4. burpees
  5. box-jumps
  6. burpee-box jumps
  7. kettlebell swings and cleans and snatches
  8. I learned how to be a family
  9. I learned how to be first and last and every number in between.
  10. I learned that I am STILL learning and I will continue to learn

I created this graphic to go with 5 new goals I have set for myself this year.
I found these on zuzka’s Facebook page
and while I don’t follow her workout schedule, she always has lots of great motivational advice for novice athletes.
I think that these 5 “Mantra’s” as she calls them, can serve in every part of our lives.  As teachers, we like to pride ourselves in being LIFE LONG LEARNERS.  I hope that these help you start 2014 as a  LEARNER.  Celebrate what you have achieved and open your mind to the possibilities of the future!

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