Guided Reading, Math Centers, a New Product and…….. ELK HUNTING????


What a week!  We are finally starting to get into the swing of things.  We successfully completed centers this week in both Math and Literacy.  YEAH.  The centers are still somewhat limited but, hey, ya gotta start somewhere!

We were able to start our guided reading groups.  My little signers did a great job looking at the pictures then reading (signing) the words.

After “reading the pictures” and reading the words together.  Each student in the group gets to try reading on their own.  They both did an excellent job!  

My observant little reader noticed that the monkeys were kissing. EWWW.  Haha

Signing the word can. Make two fists and move them downward in front of you.
This lil guy is a great reader!

Math Centers.
We did a little twist on “Read the Room”.  I downloaded this cool math packet from Susan Moran Numbers 1-120.  It has MANY great activities perfect for my K/1 Classroom.  I adapted this activity by “hiding” the 10 frames 1-20 around the room.  Each student was given a stack of numbers.  The students searched the room to find the matching 10 frames for their numbers.  THEN!  and this is the best part, they got to pull the ten frame off the wall….. I had no idea they would love this so much!  
Counting.  He is signing the number 7 .

More counting.  These frames go up to 20!  So much counting practice!

Do we really need to count this one to see if it’s a match?
Well, for now we do.  More work to do in this area, for sure.


I FINALLY finished and uploaded a new product at my TeachersPayTeachers Store.    I uploaded this one first because it is the one I am using in my classroom.  I am working on several different colors and styles so stay tuned. Check it out HERE!
 I will blog more about it with pictures as soon as I get my own copy cut out.  It has been laminated and patiently waiting for me to cut.  sigh….
I took a day off this week to go Elk hunting.  Apparently I missed a really fun day…. one kid threw up and then went missing!!!!????  No one could find him of fifteen minutes!!! WHAT?  He finally just came walking up to the bus like nothing had happened.  YIKES!
….and now a little about me. 
My weekend job. I LOVE TO HUNT.  My husband and I fill our freezer every year ( or try to ) with yummy organic meat that we hunt and kill ourselves.  I mean why not cut out the middle man?  So, September is always a little extra stressful for me since it is both the beginning of school AND the beginning of hunting season.  I love this time of year! 
Sitting on a ridge glassing for elk.  Not long after  this picture a herd of about 300 elk showed up!  I shot at one and MISSED! Can you believe that?  Maybe next week. 

The view is AMAZING!  And yes…… we…… climbed……UP……..all ……..those …….ridges!
So exhausting.

Packing out a friend’s elk.  A long hike, but it will be worth all the work in the wintertime.

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  1. My husband is a big time hunter. I haven't got into, but come fall and winter he is all decked out to go. I live in Louisiana so no elk here, but we do have plenty of dove, deer, squirrel, duck, and alliagator. His favorite is deer season but it runs a close race to when they have a few tags available on alligator. I know when fall and winter roll around that he will be gone doing what he loves. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Cool that your husband loves hunting. I guess I am a bit of a rarity in the hunting department and I end up spending a lot of my weekends with a bunch of smelly, camouflaged guys. Oh well, I LOVE it and just can't get enough outdoor time.

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