Halloween Fun Pack

The next two weeks in my classroom will be filled with Halloween Fun.  Last week I finished my

I got it printed, laminated and cut this week and it is ready to go!  I tailored this unit to the current needs of my students.  Although we are a small group, we have needs and learning styles that need a great deal of differentiation.

We started today with number order and ten frame matching.  We started with the smallest number sets 0-10 and 10-20.  I wanted to start out with something familiar and easy for everyone. Each day I will add number sets, 20-30, 30-40 and 40-50.  Some of my students will be able to achieve independence with all the number sets while others will be practicing  up to 20 or 30.  Here is a peek at the different number sets.

Oops, looks like a didn’t get a picture of the ones…. but anyhoooo… you get the idea.  We worked on recognizing groups of 10 and counting by 10’s to make our counting super efficient.
Each number set comes with 4 number ordered puzzles.  Today, I guided my students through the various levels of differentiation.  I print out two pages of each puzzle, one remains as the full picture and the other is cut up.  The first level of differentiation is to put the picture in front of you and place the cut up puzzle pieces directly onto the picture. (matching)

The second level is to place the picture in front of you, but place complete the puzzle under the photo. 

 The third and most difficult level is to not use the picture at all.  Just dump out the pieces and put the numbers in order. When you are done, check your puzzle with the intact photo for accuracy.
They love to be shown different ways of doing things.  It really gives them differentiated options, but allows for me to provide just one resource for them to work with!

Next we read the story, Happy Halloween. I introduced the word cards and we had a great time finding the targeted vocabulary in the story.

All the cards, and the pictures in the story, have ASL fingerspelling with the picture.  My students are learning to fingerspell words and recognize my fingerspelling of the words. 

Would you like to know the signs too?
Check out this video I made to help us remember the signs.

Did you learn some new signs?  My students LOVE watching me on video.  LOL!  They are getting the same information in person, but prefer the video… Hey…. maybe I’m on to something there…. stay home in my jammies post lessons on video… haha,  wink, wink. 
We will complete the week with these activities.  Next week we will be using the character coloring pages and writing paper to tell a story about our favorite Halloween Character.
Stay tuned for some fun pictures and stories!
I hope you enjoyed exploring my Fun Halloween Centers Fun Pack.  Grab it HERE if you want to use it in your own classroom!  It will be 20% off Oct 22-25, so don’t wait.

Also, check out my Halloween I have Who has game.  Use the above video to learn the signs or just use the finger-spelled words.  Its a fun FREEBIE.

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Thanks for reading!
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