Happy 2014 Back to School


Well, there is no ‘deep freeze’ going on in Idaho.  It is warm and wonderful.  We did get a nice dusting of snow this week and my students were thrilled!  It wasn’t enough to build a snowman, but we gave it our best effort.  These girls worked together to gather enough snow in one spot for a mini snowman.

Candy Math
We got back to work this week with a review of some of our previously mastered skills. I introduced a new center that I had finished over break and it was a HIT!  Yeah!  I love that!  As the year has progressed my little group of students has become increasingly differentiated. Some have picked up the new skills quickly while other are still needing more practice. It has become more difficult for them to work at the same centers so, I developed this one that is differentiated enough, so they could all work together but focus on their own learning needs. I was so thrilled to see them engaged and motivated in the activities.

This center is available in my TPT store. Students simply choose a card and then place it on the correct gumball machine. The gumball machines are numbered 5-10.
 It covers the math skills of
  •  counting (gumballs in various arrangements) ten frames, tallys, 
  • recognizing numbers and number words
  • adding and subtracting with sums and differences 5-10

 You can grab it here Candy Math

The set up is easy, just laminate and cut the cards and the center is ready to go.  You can mix all the cards together or separate them for various groups of students.
I hope your students love it as much as mine do!

We also did a little work with base ten manipulatives.  My littles seeem to be struggling a with this concept.  We have worked really hard with counting by ones, and counting by 10s but counting by 10s AND 1s?   We are going to need more practice.  Everything is a work in progress and this is just going to take a little more practice than I had anticipated.  We are going to be using this pack Base Ten Composing, Decomposing and Comparing numbers. A LOT in the near future. 🙂

I didn’t get a chance to blog after our Christmas program, but I wanted to share this picture.  My class was responsible for the refreshments after the program and we decided on popcorn snowmen (an idea from pinterest of course).  We made a HUGE mess and I’m sure my custodian was not too pleased, but I thought they turned out so cute!    My students filled all the bags and drew the snowman faces.  I tied all the strings.  

Of course this blog would not be complete without a little hunting update. It has been too warm for the hunting to be good, but we go out and have fun laying in the fields watching the ducks fly by anyways.  We have done well enough to get some yummy ducks in the freezer and it has been duck for dinner most nights for the last few weeks. YUM

For those of you who went back to school this week, I hope it was great!  If you were at home enjoying some extra rest time, I hope that was great too!

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