Happy Halloween!
One thing I love about my school is, WE KNOW HOW TO THROW A PARTY!  We are a small school.  We have less than 100 students on campus.  Students that qualify to attend must have either a hearing or a vision loss.  Our students come  to our school and thrive in an environment with peers that communicate and navigate the world in similar ways.  Our elementary department has 38 students.  Some students qualify for our school with one disability and others have multiple disabilities.  
We have 7 teachers in the elementary department.  Each teacher plans one holiday for the year and the entire department participates. Activities are created for EVERYONE to have full participation.  It is SO fun!
This year our party included exploding pumpkin bags
Here is our  bag… it didn’t explode, 🙁  hmm… we may need to try again. 
We stole this idea from Pinterest…. here is the link if you want to try it.
Of course we dress up in costumes… They are SO adorable… and a little scary too!

We trick or treat around the school.. We go to all the offices and some of the high school classrooms. It fun for our students trick or treat with people that understand their needs and modes of communication.  It is one of my favorite activities.
Of course the favorite student activity of the day?  THE PINATA!  This is an activity that everyone gets full participation in! Check out these fun pictures!  They LOVED it!

And of course we have amazing parents who help us provide the refreshments for our fun activities!

Well, that concludes our 5 for Friday Halloween Fun Day!  We sent the kids home happy and exhausted!  Oh Wait…. maybe that was me that was exhausted!  
What does your school do for Halloween?  Can you dress up?  Do you get to celebrate at school? 
I feel that we are pretty lucky to be able to celebrate with our students. 

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