How to Make an ASL Student Dictionary

ASL Student Dictionary

These American Sign Language Word Wall cards are the perfect addition to the classroom.  Make both ENGLISH and ASL easily ACCESSIBLE for your students! I like to both display the ASL Word Wall and make an ASL Student Dictionary.

ASL and English Student Dictionary

There are so many options to use this ASL Word Wall, classroom displays, flash cards, student dictionaries, the options are really endless. The Word Wall bundle does include a pre-made student dictionary, but sometimes students take more ownership of the vocabulary when they are building their own book like the one pictured above. I am frequently asked how to use the ASL Word Wall resource to make a student dictionary, so here is a detailed post to describe how I do that process.

Print the Word Wall Headers

To begin the student will need a blank book with a minimum of 50 pages. I use a composition book, but you could choose any notebook you’d like. (hint: put the books you want for your students on your back to school supply list). The ASL/ABC headers come in 3 choices, light skin, dark skin and black and white. For this task, I chose the black and white version and printed on colored paper.

First, in the Word Wall Header section, open up the product and click on Print.

You will get this screen

  1. Pages to Print- select the pages you want. In this file I chose pages 18-24
  2. Under page sizing, choose MULTIPLE
  3. Page per sheet choose CUSTOM 2 by 2
  4. Orientation select PORTRAIT
  5. You will be able to see the pages in the photo box to show what the printed pages will look like. Check to make sure that is what you want.
  6. Click on PRINT

Print the ASL/English Words

Complete this process with both the ASL Word Wall Headers (as shown above) and with the ASL Word Wall vocabulary. The vocabulary words in this resource are from the Dolch Word List. You are able to choose words with or without QR codes with videos of each signed word. NOTE: The QR codes will work even when the pages are minimized. What is amazing about this? Students will always have access to English print, ASL Picture cue and a Video sample of the word. It’s great for student vocabulary retention and sharing with parents and family members.

It is up to you whether you choose to print just the word and sign or include the QR code. Both versions are included so you can make the choice.

ASL Word Wall with QR Codes

ASL QR Codes for a Student Dictionary

Assemble your ASL Student Dictionary

I print out a full copy of all the words for each of my students then as we introduce the words, either I pre-cut the words for my students and give them the selected words or I let them go through and find the words on their own, cut them out then paste them in their notebooks. It depends on the skills of the student I have each year, so choose what works best for your classroom.

Need more ideas about how to use the ASL Word Wall in your classroom? Check out this American Sign Language Word Wall post.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you are the type that likes to try before you buy, you can grab the ASL Word Wall Headers for FREE here. Or, grab the entire discounted bundle HERE.

Happy Teaching!

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