The beginning of school is always so busy!  The past 8 weeks have flown by!  We have been very busy in kindergarten!  It is hard to even know where to begin to update on what we have been up to.

We have been busy learning routines and settling in to kindergarten life.  We read David Shannon’s book, David Goes to School.  This book helped us learn some of the rules in kindergarten.  We even made our own “David” characters to help us remember.

Our school has “The Big 3” positive behavior rules.
 With a little help from what we learned from “David” about making good choices, we were able to come up with two  “I Can” statements for each rule as it applies to us in kindergarten.

Be Respectful

I can 

be a good friend
help my friends

Be Ready

I can 

pay attention
focus on my work

Be On Time

I can 

WALK, don’t run
Use the bathroom quickly
We also referenced another book “Have you Filled a Bucket?” by Carol McCloud.
This is an excellent book about helping others by filing their inner buckets and helping everyone to have a happy and fulfilling day.   I highly recommend it for any classroom. I use the buckets for positive behavior enforcement.  Students earn coins for their buckets by demonstrating good choices.  The students are highly motivated to fill both their own and their friends buckets. We have established that when we “earn coins” for our buckets it makes us feel good inside.  Therefore we are also able to earn coins to give to our friends to help them feel good too! I am really enjoying the caring environment it has created in our classroom.
Have you filled a bucket today?

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