Kindergarten and Preschool go to the farm!

This week our class had the opportunity to visit a local farm.  We had a great time. This great little farm allowed us to feed all the animals (except the pigs), pet the goats and sheep, brush the horse and so many more fun things!  What a great experience for us!

We saw ducks, geese, turkeys, and chickens.  They seemed pretty happy to see us too!
The goats were fighting over who could get close enough to us to get our food.  They had several little babies (kids) that were hopping through the fence.  So cute.  The students loved it!
This patient horse stood still for ALL OF US to brush him.  
One great thing about going to the farm in the spring is all the baby animals.  The piglets were ADORABLE!!!!  We managed to catch this one. 
Language experiences are so important for these kids.  Until we see it, or touch it, it really doesn’t have much meaning for us!  We are so lucky to have so many opportunities to get out of the classroom and EXPERIENCE things.  It makes learning so much more meaningful! I think that is one of the amazing benefits of having a small class size, it is easy for us to get out and about often and inexpensively.  
Next month we will tackle the zoo!  Stay tuned!

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