Magic Valley Weight Loss Challenge 2015

Our Fitness Journey

We began this journey in January 2015.  Troy had joined the Magic Valley Weight loss challenge twice before but, had never been able to stick it out and complete the challenge. This time, we did something different.  We BOTH joined.  Troy joined as a participant and I joined as a family member.  We have a small family…. no kids…. just the two of us.

Doing this together made a HUGE difference for us!  In the past 6 months our lives have changed. We no longer focus on individual workouts, and single meals. We plan out our weekly meals, we cook together and ensure that we MAKE time everyday to complete our workouts.  We work out together, we workout separately, we do activities outdoors and most of all, we have fun.

It has not been easy, and there have been setbacks, and disappointments, but with the support of each other, we were able to COMPLETE the challenge.  Is our journey of fitness finished?  NO!  This is only just the beginning.


Community Involvement

I work at the school for the Deaf and the Blind.  The students at our school do not have many opportunities to join friends who are able to communicate with them in the outdoors.  We teamed up with Higher Ground  and AquaAbility in Sun Valley, Idaho to provide our students with an opportunity to get outside and enjoy to the outdoors  with friends and adults that communicate with them.  The students received two days of swimming lessons as well as two days of  ski/snowboard lessons.They were also able to learn and practice new skills that will allow the students to develop lifelong fitness skills.  While troy is not a snowboarder or a swim instructor, he took this opportunity to cook for the students all weekend.  The students were able to enjoy healthy home-cooked meals all weekend.  Thanks Troy!
If you’d like to meet our ski and snowboard team click the link below.

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