Make Your Masterpiece: My ASL SUPERHERO Alphabet posters

I am linking up again with Third in Hollywood for week Three of the TPT sellers challenge.  This is a product I have actually been working on for while and this challenge gave me get the push to finish it.   It is part 2 in a series of 3 ASL SUPERHERO Classroom posters.

American Sign Language Alphabet Classroom Decor

I am so thrilled to be able to combine two of my favorite themes American Sign Language and SuperHeroes! The students in my classroom use American Sign Language to communicate.  For many of them this is their first language and they are using it to learn written English.  They LOVE having visual supports that include both languages. (and so do I) 
Cute, bright, functional visual supports?????? YES PLEASE!!!
You can click on the link to MY ASL SUPERHERO ALPHABET POSTERS.  What’s inside? 
26  A-Z  8.5 x 11 posters
American Sign Language Alphabet  Classroom Decor

American Sign Language Alphabet Classroom Decor
Each letter has 3 coordinating cards with a picture, primary lined printed word and the ASL sign.  Just a note, many words in ASL do not have a specific sign and instead are fingerspelled.  This fingerspelling IS the sign for that word.  Deaf children learn to spell (or often when learning, approximate the shapes of the letters) these words and often describe the word using classifiers (handshapes that represent the shape or movement of the object)
American Sign Language Alphabet Classroom Decor

American Sign Language Alphabet Classroom Decor
These cards are LARGE, 3 on an 8.5×11 page.  I prefer them to be large so they can be easily seen in  the classroom, however, if you do not have that kind of space, or you would like them smaller to be used in interactive vocabulary journals, you could print them 2-4 to a page and thus use the smaller versions. 
Finally, this set includes 4×4 letter cards to be used as headers on your word wall 
(or any other way you see fit). 
American Sign Language Alphabet Classroom Decor
I am loving the bright fun colors in this set and I can’t wait to put them up in my classroom. 
If you’d like to check out the coordinating MY SUPERHERO ASL CALENDAR you can do that by clicking the link above.
Coming soon are the SUPERHERO collection is 
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    1. It's SO HARD to find affordable resources in Sign Language, which is why I started making my own. While print is not the best medium for a moving sign, my students really light up when they see the signs in print. It really motivates them. I hope your little one is doing well, Apraxia can be frustrating but it sounds like you are providing great support! Have a great day!

  1. I love everything that you make. However I want to get the rest of the numbers from 31-100. I’m an assistant interpreter waiting to get my score back from taking the EIPA again. I help both interpreters and right now we are working on recognizing number in word form, so we like the ones that you provided with the calendar. Can you lead me in the right direction.

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