Math, ipads, Weather and …… SUCCESS!

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I have THE BEST class this year.  I realize I may be jinxing myself by saying that, but, seriously, they are just genuinely sweet, caring and ready to learn.  Who knew this could happen.  After several years of students with some serious behavior issues, I am feeling so relieved. phew!
Now that being said, here is what we did this week!

Sometimes just the simplest centers are the most meaningful.  My students love using the dry erase markers and will frequently choose this simple number writing center over some of the other more “fun” centers.

Working on number recognition and order…….. yes….. working on………
We worked with numbers.  We are working on counting, identifying and ordering numbers to 30.  We are at all different stages with this process, some of us are almost ready to move on, while a few are still….well…. not exactly ready.
I got these cards from a FREEBIE that Kindergarten Smorgasboard posted. If you don’t already follow him, you should! He is pretty FANTASTIC! And I may be a little addicted to his daily Blog post…. yes, I said DAILY!   Grab his Freebie HERE.
We Read The Room for Weather Words.  I created this quick FREEBIE for my science class to review our weather vocabulary.  As usual, they LOVED it.  Who doesn’t want to get up and move around class!!!

We found lots of sneaky places to hide  the cards but we found them all!  Need a little Read the Room fun?  You can grab it FREE
We include time each week to learn on the ipads.  I have 3 in my classroom.  Sometimes this is a structured learning time.  Other times students are allowed free choice game play.  I have downloaded hundreds of kindergarten/first grade appropriate apps.  This one is BY FAR their favorite pick.  It reviews many basic skills including, time, money, adding and subtracting sight words etc.  Students are able to choose a character and then take him or her through a course.  At the end they are able to win a key to open another fun game.  THEY LOVE IT!

Here it is in the App Store.  I’m sorry, I could not figure out how to provide you with the link.  Sometimes my tech skills are just lacking.  🙂
Last week I mentioned that I had been spending my weekends elk hunting.  Well…..last weekend was a SUCCESS!  Yeah!  So happy!   Meat in the freezer for the whole winter!  I love eating fresh, organic meat.  I can’t afford to buy it, so getting lucky enough to harvest one myself is the best I could hope for!  I worked REALLY hard for this one too!  LOTS of hiking.
My First ELK with a Muzzleloader
Well that wraps up my week!
 I hope you have all had a wonderful week and you are settling into your routines nicely.

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  1. I know what you mean about sometimes simple centers are the best. I do not work with hearing impaired, but I find that the idea of less is more works great for me too!!!


  2. Congrats on the Elk!! And I love that your kiddos get time on the iPads. My school bought a set for each grade level at the end of last year, but I have yet to see them… At least we have computers! And my kids also love the simple centers, especially when there are dry erase markers.

    The Land of I Can

    1. Heather, THANKS! It will be great to have yummy meat all winter! I LOVE having the Ipads. I work at residential school and we have a hard working technology team. We are lucky enough to get some great technology products to use. I sometimes have difficulty finding apps that my students can use as most give voiced instructions that my students can't hear. Good luck at getting your turn with your school Ipads!

  3. YEAH! Another Deaf Ed. blogger! I am SO excited that I found you on the Five for Friday link up!

    You are honestly one of the first Deaf. Ed blogs I've come across! Do you know of any more D/HH teacher blogs?

    I teach 1st-6th grade D/HH kids in an SDC in California. I can't wait to follow your blog and see what your kinders are up to!

    A View Into My Classroom

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