My First Stitch Fix

I will admit to you.  I HATE shopping.  I dislike malls and I don’t like to try on clothes.  I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because I would prefer to spend my free time outside.  I struggle with matching clothes in a store or picking out the right things that go together.  As a result, I have spent most my life wearing jeans and t-shirts everyday.

When I discovered Stitch Fix I thought it was a dream come true.  So, let’s just get this straight.  Someone else shops for me, sends the clothes TO MY HOUSE for FREE.  Included in the 5 items they have chosen for me are style cards to show me options of how to match and style all the clothes they have sent to me.  I get to try on each item in my own home  WITH MY OWN CLOTHES.  Then I chose the clothes I like and send back the ones I don’t. (FOR FREE)

It’s my dream come true!
Here’s a look into my first fix
I opened the box and found this inviting set of clothes.  It also came with a personal letter, my stylist Mary even included an item she saw on my Pinterest page.
The letter was accompanied by a style chart that shows how to completely outfit each piece. (for the style challenged, like myself, this is a beautiful bonus)
Beautiful  Just  Beautiful
Okay, here’s the dressing room.  First, the jeans.
I’m pretty sure these jeans were made for ME!  I typically have a very difficult time finding jeans and these fit perfectly!  The length, the tightness, the color, everything is perfect.  YESSSSS!
Just Black Adorra Ankle Length Skinny Jeans $88. KEEP
Next was this great top.  I was excited to try it on because I loved the pattern and the style.
Womp womp womp…. unfortunately it did not fit.

 Here’s the deal ladies.  Large breasts are not all they are cracked up to be. I’ve been carrying these things around since I was twelve and this has been a frequent problem.  Sigh.
 Eighty Six Whistler Graphic Print Blouse $48. RETURN
And then THIS happened
Three Dots Nevin 3/4 sleeve Leopard print sweatshirt $74. RETURN
Then I fell in love. 
 You may recognize this cardigan from the top my my stitch fix bundle.
It was so beautiful, it was love at first sight, but then I put it on, and I think it gave me a hug!
I was a little hesitant because I’m pretty short and it seemed a little long, so I tried on with a skirt I had recently purchased and one of my new “back to school” blouses.  
I loved it.

TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan $58. KEEP
Now I need your help.  I tried on this blouse and at first I thought, no… not for me.  The material was a little rough and not soft and cozy like I typically choose.  But then I looked at the pictures I took and thought… hey… maybe I should think outside the box a little.  
After looking at the pics, I’m confused. 
I need your help.
What do you think?  Should I buy this top?  
41 Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 sleeve blouse $48.  ????????
Comment below with your suggestions.
Help a style challenged girl out. 
Do you think you would like to give  Stitch Fix a try?  
Just click the link.  
It is only $20 to start with no commitment.  
If you purchase just one item from your fix, the $20 applies toward your purchase.

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