Red Ribbon Week, Pumpkins and Fall! OH MY!

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That’s right the Fun Halloween Pack continues with number order.  We are currently working at EVERY level from ordering numbers 0-10 to ordering 40-50.  We are also working hard on cardinality.  Some of us are able to look at the ten frames and KNOW the numbers, while others are still counting to be sure.  There something for everyone, and they are having fun doing it! 
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OUR CAMPUS IS SO BEAUTIFUL this time of year and the Red Ribbons add to the beauty. I hope you enjoy some of these beautiful pictures.


In connection with Red Ribbon Week, we have been learning about how to be good friends, and not bully each other.  We are bucket fillers here in the elementary hall and have spent the last two weeks learning how to  “fill each others buckets” I downloaded this great pack Bucket Filler Brigade
(Thanks Ashley!) We have been acting out/ and using real scenarios to try and learn how to do nice things for others and LOOK for  nice things in others.  We have been experiencing  A LOT of tattling, and found that my students were only seeking negative attention with their peers.  We are learning how to give compliments… It has been challenging AND fun for us to think of nice things to say about our friends.
We had an amazing time at the Pumpkin Patch this year.  We are able to take the entire elementary every year.  It is a family event and MANY parents and families are able to join us.  Enjoy our fun photos.

Navigating the Corn Maze

My student teacher and I enjoying a BEAUTIFUL day at the Pumpkin Patch.

We are lucky to have a little bit of time after the pumpkin patch trip to carve our pumpkins.  I thought they came out SO ADORABLE!  What do you think? Just a reminder, 6 year olds carved these!

 I hoped you enjoyed this photo journal of our fun week!  Feel free to  leave comments. 
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Have a great week!

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