Science and Giveaways and Shout Outs OH MY!

I am linking up with my FAVORITE linky party this week!

I did it ! I reached 100 followers on Facebook!  To celebrate I am having a little giveaway, nothing big, but still, whoooooo doesn’t want to win free stuff?
I came across this cute little bag and I thought it would be perfect.
Enter now and you can win this cute bag and items of your choice from my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The picture frames are customizable, so you can add your own pictures!  How great is that?
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I have been teaching early elementary deaf and hard of hearing students for several years now.  I noticed that one area, that my students really struggled in was word families.  We don’t “sound out” words obviously, because we can’t hear the sounds, but we can learn to recognize spelling patterns. However, many of my students are also English language learners, so they needed A LOT of picture support to help them connect with the words. This summer I made a picture supported word family unit to help build their understanding.  My students are LOVING them!  They are recognizing the word patterns, learning to spell the words, and using the words in their conversations and their writing. I am so proud of them!

This product is 
Click the link to check it out! It is also one of my biggest sellers. 🙂
Special Shout out to
I bought the graphics to make this product from her store, and they are awesome!
One More Shout Outs to an Amazing TPT seller.
I recently bought This Pack Magnets-Magnetic-and-Non-Magnetic-Objects-Real-Picture-Cards from Shelia Melton.  We has so much fun using it this week!  I cut out the pictures and we used one class period to predict if we thought the objects were magnetic or non-magnetic.
These were our predictions.  
The next day, I brought in all the REAL items to match the pictures (as best as I could) Then we tested the items to see if our predictions were correct! 

It was a blast!!!! The students were engaged and excited to try out each of the things on table.  After our tests, we resorted the items onto the chart.  
Here is our final result!
Thank youSheila Melton for this great product!
I have been posting lots of fun Fall pictures lately. However, it appears that the beauty of fall has left us and the beauty of winter has begun! Although we have yet to see any snow here in Southern Idaho, I have been waking up in the morning to these beautiful frosty scenes.  

I hope you have a GREAT week! I got new Sponge Bob socks this week and, well, they just make me smile!  I hope they help you too!  

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