Stitch Fix #2

I am pretty sure that most my friends know how much I LOVE Stitch Fix!   The reasons are many, but to start with,  I live in a fairly remote area where shopping is not readily available.  Secondly, I HATE shopping.  I know,  I know, but, really, I do not enjoy spending time going to numerous stores trying on numerous outfits, and trying to decide which look the best.  I would much rather be playing outdoors and doing something fun with my free time.  So, the idea that someone shops for me and and sends FIVE great items to choose from, is like a miracle for me!

 This stitch fix box arrived the night before I was leaving on a five day ski trip (with 15 kids) so I apologize for the poor picture quality, but I was a little pressed for time.  
 Item #1 
I opened the box and I was IMMEDIATELY drawn to this jacket.  I have been dying for great jean jacket.  My stylist even mentioned that she was browsing my Pinterest Board and found the exact one I had pinned.  
Sadly,  I DID NOT FIT!  I was SO disappointed.  It did not even come close to buttoning over my chest and the arms were so tight that I could not lift my arms.  (insert sad face here) 
Items numbers 2 and 3.  
This picture has both a sweater and pants (and a trash can and some windex…lets just ignore that part) Anyways,  black Emer pants, fit perfectly.  I wear jeans everyday (go ahead and be jealous) prior to this pair of pants I did not even own any non-jean pants.  So , I was pretty stoked at how great this fit and looked.   The Market and Spruce sweater also fit perfectly.  It’s soft and comfortable and really long, which paired really well with these slim-fitting pants.  
This combo was definitely going in the KEEP pile. 

Item # 4
Well, they can’t all be winners, right?  Not only was is this one a material AND a pattern that I would not wear, it was just too big and was not flattering in any way

 Item # 5
This one was a struggle for me.  This sweater was SO SOFT!  I LOVED how it felt when I was wearing it.  It is definitely my style, but it really wasn’t something I felt I could wear to work and it was a tad too big.  So, I sent it back. 

My next stitch fix is coming up soon and I promise to take better pictures. 
If you’d like to try go ahead and click this link to sign up! Try StitchFix  You really have nothing to lose.  There is a $20 styling fee, that APPLIES to what you purchase.  So, if you keep even one thing, that $20 applies to what you are buying.  There is no commitment to continue and you can schedule your “Fix” for every month, every other month or once a year if you want to.

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