What is a Sound Wall?

What is a Sound Wall? A sound wall is a display of letters, words, and sounds used in phonics instruction. To use a sound wall to teach reading, you can follow these steps: Introduce the sounds and their corresponding letters, either through whole-group instruction or individual assessments to determine student

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Creating a successful communication environment for the hard-of-hearing student in your classroom.

When working with hard of hearing students who depend solely on auditory input for communication, it is essential to ensure they have the best access to auditory input, use active listening and advocacy skills and know when and where a communication breakdowns occur and how to fix them. Miscommunications happen. We are often quick to dismiss a miscommunication before really analyzing where the break down occurred.

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How to Make an ASL Student Dictionary

These American Sign Language Word Wall cards are the perfect addition to the classroom.  Make both ENGLISH and ASL easily ACCESSIBLE for your students! I like to both display the ASL Word Wall and make an ASL Student Dictionary. There are so many options to use this ASL Word Wall,

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American Sign Language Word Wall

Representation matters About 7 years ago, I looked around my classroom. My walls were filled with helpful visuals for math, reading, science and other topics. It was pretty, but something was missing. The primary language in my classroom was ASL. I had literally NOTHING up on those walls to represent

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I help busy teachers of the deaf by creating  resources specifically designed for deaf and hard of hearing students so that you can spend more time teaching and less time modifying curriculum. 

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