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If you have been following my blog journey or been to classroom, you would know that I am all about the jungle theme! I have also fallen in love with developing activities for my students that are consistent with that theme.  I recently created a math packet for my students to help them get a grasp on adding, subtracting and comparing numbers.

I created a set of playing cards, so far we are just getting used to the new suits.  Instead of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs, we have a kindergarten friendly set of monkeys, lions, zebras and giraffes.  To start with we are just matching  our number cards, both on our hangers, (great for developing that fine motor control), and also on the tables.   A matching game is always fun! My little kinders will match ANYTHING!

These are my samples from the Zany Zebra packet, we havent had a chance to use them yet, but this is our next unit.  As we learn about adding, subtracting and comparing numbers, you can be sure these Math Center Work Cards will be put to good use!

Wanna check out my packet?  You can click on the link here. http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Common-Core-Math-Add-Subtract-and-Compare-Numbers-for-Kindergarten
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